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Where your pain ends and health begins

Whether you are seeking freedom from pain, better posture, the ability to move well and move freely, a more youthful look, or a more active, health-driven lifestyle, our solutions will help you reach and sustain your highest well-being.

Our mission is to get you back to your life, pain-free and as healthy and healing as possible. We’ll also empower you with the knowledge and tools to maintain that progress outside our clinic.


Chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline that focuses on the neuro-musculoskeletal system. 

It uses manual manipulation, or adjustments of the spine to correct large or small misalignments that have affected the proper flow of communication between the brain, the nervous system and the rest of the body. The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to return the normal range of motion to a joint, either in the spine or extremities. By doing that, it is common to have a reduction in pain, muscle tightness, and nerve irritation


In diagnosis and treatment, particular attention is paid to joints, bones, muscles, and nerves – using hands to prevent illness. Osteopathy treats a wide range of problems related to muscles, joints, ligaments, and other soft tissues. 
Our Osteopaths use gentle mobilizations, manipulations to restore function and reduce the pain of our patients.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is a perfect complement to chiropractic care. While chiropractic focuses on the skeletal and nervous system, physical therapy strengthens muscles and ensures they work efficiently, enabling patients to experience better, longer-lasting results from their adjustments.

Muscle balance around a joint is vital for maintaining proper function and alignment. Weak or inactive muscles can lead to undue stress on our bodies. Manual muscle stimulation activates muscles that are not contracting effectively, restoring them to proper function.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Manual therapy can consist of many different approaches. Here at Our healing touch Chiropractic, we offer myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM), cupping, joint compressive flossing, and different stretching methods. These methods help decrease pain, restore range of motion, increase blood flow to the affected area bringing in nutrients to help support the healing process, and allow tissues to heal in an organized fashion.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a manual technique in which pressure is applied to tender areas on the muscles known as muscle knots or trigger points. 

By pressing on the trigger point, a therapist interrupts the neural signals that cause the muscle knot. This can eliminate pain, reduce muscle spasm, increase circulation and release lactic acid buildup, ultimately restoring balance and stability in the body

Dry Needling

Is an adaptive form of Chinese Acupuncture. It is a therapeutic modality involving the insertion of fine needles. Very helpful in both acute pain and chronic pain and especially effective with Back Pain and Neck Pain.

The most widespread use of Acupuncture is for pain relief, most commonly musculoskeletal pain but also other forms of chronic pain such as neuralgia and sciatica. Treatments help manage the pain quickly and painlessly.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is a therapeutic and rehabilitative taping technique that helps in alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, facilitating drainage by microscopically lifting the skin while relaxing the muscle.

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Our patients come from all walks of life, from elite athletes ,Celebrities, Bureaucrats, Golfers, IT professionals, Bankers, Teachers & yogis