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I have a chronic upper back and neck issue which has been bothering me for the past 13 years. I had been to a few doctors / clinics earlier but without much improvement and had somewhere become resigned to the fact that I will have to continue to live with this issue. However, Dr. Karan and his team have over a few sessions significantly reduced my discomfort and there have been periods post these sessions where I am completely pain free and relaxed. Thanks to Dr. Karan, I am a lot more confident now of overcoming my neck and back problem in the near future
Nishit Bhatia
I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you Dr. Karan for your understanding and genuine care. I am so grateful for the treatment that I received at your clinic. I feel better physically and mentally, as my pains have faded away.
Jasleen Kaur
Doctor Karan is one of the best doctors i have across for Pain Management and Chiropractic adjustments. I came to Dr. Karan after visiting 4 doctors who were not able to help much except prescribing expensive medicines. He is really considerate and professional. The staff is very gentle and caring. I have recovered almost 90% from my injury that too in a totally natural way.He is a must recommend and worth the money
Exploring Value
I ll give healing touch a 10/10. I had been visiting many orthopaedics and physiotherapists to no avail for many years struggling with my shoulder subluxation for over 8 years. On the top of that I started a bank job which forced me to sit over extended period starting my back pain. This is the clinic where I felt that 50 percent of my pain went away on my first visit. My upper and center back healed in 2 sittings. I'm on my 5th visit and my lower back pain has completely disappeared. I hope to get done with my shoulder issues soon which are now showing positive signs of recovery. The diagnosis is extremely good and you hardly have to explain much. Chiropractic and physiotherapic adjustments by Dr. Karan and Dr. Priyanka is healing in nature and show their expertise. I would definitely recommend any person struggling with any pain issues to visit healing touch. It's amust for them.
Abhimanyu Rai
Best place for all type of body pain problems and the staff is very nice easy to make appointments with them.
Karanveer Singh
A Place Were The Pain Was Relived just in minutes and Best Treatment Ever Received from Dr. Karan Kakria Please Do Visit Once For Best Treatment.
Ajay Madrewar